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French Braid, Hairstyles Including Prom, Wedding or Concerts

Many girls like to do updo hairstyles but the most common and ancient hairstyle which is there since the beginning is the French braiding. There are many types of braids ranging from very easy to make to tougher. The primary reason for creating this style is basically formal evenings including prom, wedding or concerts. You can always find out latest hairstyles through hairstyle magazines and art galleries. To design any hairstyle, first you need to make sure that you have right consistency of hair. French braiding can be done on any type of hair from silky straight to wavy curls.

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French braid is difficult to learn but once you practice it daily, you will learn it quickly. There are many tutorials available on internet. You can find out many videos and pictures giving step by step instructions to tie a braid. First brush your hair back with a wide toothed comb.

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Then take a section of the hair from the exact place you want to start your French braid from and then separate it into 3 equal parts. This procedure is same as the normal braid. Make a cross of the normal braid by moving the right strand on the center parting and the left one also over the new center strand.

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Then transfer all the strands to one hand preferably left. Do not mix the hair strands together. Put each strand in separate slot in between the fingers.

Now choose a strand from right side of the head and using the right index finger add is to the strand of hair which is now at right. Now cross the right strand of hair on the center strand. Just pull neatly. Transfer all the strands on the right hand and put each strand in different slot separated by the fingers. Now pick up the strand from left side of right index finger and then add it to the strand on the left and then cross it to the center strand. Pull neatly. Similarly repeat the process and you are ready to tie your French braid.

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