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Elegant Summer Body: Basic Two Rules of Skin Care

Beach parties, outdoor light clothes and warm summer evenings, the charged atmosphere of flirtation and new acquaintances. Skin Care Products recommends to forget about a couple of extra pounds, to keep cellulite funds until the autumn, to love your body and provide it with adequate care.

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In summer it is not necessary to exhaust yourself a strict diet and rigorous anti-cellulite treatments

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Basic Two Rules of skin care


Exfoliation once or twice a week – a pledge the perfect even tan and soft skin. For the summer is better to choose the salt scrub with essential oils – the salt draws out excess fluid well, and oils give the skin a light sheen. Use a scrub in the case when you burned and skin began to peel off? Some beauticians believe that will help prevent peeling and thorough wetting, but still, most experts are inclined to believe that the soft scrubs improve skin condition, and even advised not to be afraid of what you “erase” with a full tan. The zone of special attention – over the elbow. Many complains about the roughness of the skin or slight inflammation in this area (which is particularly annoying when you constantly wear clothes with open arms), peeling and subsequent hydration help to cope with this problem.

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Care Hydration, probably the main aspect, we have to remember in summer. Light cream with a cooling gel texture is ideal for this time of year. But many spa-therapists advise to switch to oil for the body for they are easily and quickly applied, they can be applied directly to damp skin after a shower, plus they visually make the skin more smooth and beautiful. The rate of absorption of body oils are different, so it is better to wear clothes 15 minutes after application. Gisele Bundchen, incidentally, has repeatedly said that for several minutes before the show she puts an oil on her feet, so they look slimmer and more attractive.

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Tone and elasticity

Caring for the body, we actively use anti-cellulite funds, the main action is directed at the breakdown of fats, forgetting that the tone and elasticity – are the fundamental things. A major factor negatively affecting the tone of the skin is the same lack of moisture. In summer it is not necessary to actively fight cellulite, better use funds for body toning and firming effect, they help to visually disguise cellulite and tighten up the silhouette. Pay attention to your shower gel, ideally it should not contain aggressive cleaning components, alkalis and dyes, otherwise the skin will be clean, but very quickly become dry, the surface is uneven and there will be peeling.

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